7 Nursing School Application Essay Tips

nurse essays writing tipsMost nursing degree programs will require you to write an application essay before being accepted. That’s what our best nursing essay writing service is there for. If you are still deciding which degree is right for you, it is important to be informed about all of your options. The most popular nursing degree programs are Registered Nursing (RN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). You may also do a CNE program to become a nurse educator. All of these programs have different requirements and results, although our 7 secrets of writing a perfect nursing school application essay will apply to all of them.

The length of study and the future salary are the biggest differences between all of the programs. The RN degree takes two to three years, the BSN takes four years (or two to three years if you are already a registered nurse), the MSN takes approximately two years and the DNP usually takes three to five years ending with the DNP paper. The salary increases with the level of qualification, as does the number of job opportunities, including having a supervisory role. It is harder to get accepted into these courses, though, and the costs are also higher. It’s important to make your application really stand out. Whatever program you are thinking of applying for, we can help you.

7 Secrets of Writing a Perfect Nursing School Application Essay

nurse essays writing secretsYour application essay is your main opportunity to sell yourself. It is the one part of your application that is just you in your own words and gives you the freedom to say whatever you want them to know about you. An application essay can literally make or break your future.

You can improve your nursing entrance essay by learning about our 7 secrets of writing a perfect nursing school application essay:

  • Follow the specific requirements. Make sure you know the academic requirements and learning objectives for your program, as well as the desired essay content, formatting and length.
  • Describe your areas of interest. Go into detail about the area of nursing you are interested in and what you are passionate about in the field.
  • Show your caring nature. Let them see that you have the right personality, characteristics and people skills to be a nurse.
  • Demonstrate your suitability. Show that you are a desirable candidate over others and convince them that they should choose you.
  • Discuss the particular program. Talk about the specific program and school in question and why you want to attend there in particular.
  • Explain your qualifications and experience. Go through your relevant background and how it has prepared you to be a nurse.
  • Allow enough time and planning. You don’t want to rush your application and throw it together at the last minute.

If you choose to work with us, we will use all of these and more when helping you craft your nursing personal statement. We have years of experience and we know what colleges are looking for.

What to Avoid When Creating an Essay for Nursing School Application

nursing school application essay sampleThere are certain things that are never a good idea to include in your essay for nursing school application. You only have so much room to include as much important information as possible, so you have to be selective.

These are some of the things that will most certainly put recruiters off:

  • Exaggerating or lying about yourself
  • Getting too personal or emotional
  • Trying to flatter or be overly impressive
  • Using inappropriate humor or slang
  • Having bad writing and formatting

How Nursing Entrance Essay Writing Service Can Help

nurse essays creating processWe know exactly what is needed to make a nursing school application essay stand out from the crowd. We can also offer support for your scholarship essay for nursing or anything else concerning nursing school admissions. We have already helped many nursing students get accepted into their chosen programs and we can also help you. If you are not happy with our services, you can get your money back, so it’s worth your while to give us a try.

We can use our 7 secrets of writing a perfect nursing school application essay to help you get ahead. Reach out to our support team or place an order to get started!