Everything You Need to Know about DNP Paper

professional nurse essaysYou have come to the right place if you’re worried about who can help with my DNP paper: all projects and proposals covered! A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is at the highest level of qualifications you can get in nursing. You will need to write a great nursing school application essay to be accepted. It takes anything from three to five years to complete and can give you many career opportunities for advancement. More clinical experience and advanced positions will be open to you.

The US average salary for registered nurses is approximately $65,000, while those nurses with a DNP degree earn closer to $100,000 a year. Only about 1 percent of nurses have a doctoral degree, so you will be at a distinct advantage. DNP programs vary, but most of them include advanced practice, diagnostics and the treatment of disease. Those with BSN degree or MSN degree can apply, although if you have a BSN, you will study for longer. The American Nursing Credentialing Center can answer questions about your licensure examination and qualification.

Top Best DNP Programs

While your choice of DNP program and school depends on many personal preferences and factors, it can be helpful to evaluate some of the best DNP programs and learn more about their specifications and requirements.

Some of the top Doctor of Nursing Practice programs in the United States include:

  • Duke University. This program has 233 students and you need to have a GPA of 3.0 or above for your BSN or MSN. Tuition costs are $1,639 per credit and they offer an array of financial support options. The overall acceptance rate at the university is 9 percent.
  • Johns Hopkins University. The tuition here is $37,306 per year with financial aid options available. There are 57 students in this program and the university acceptance rate is 13 percent. Applicants are required to have a 3.0 GPA and one year of full-time RN experience is preferred.
  • The University of Washington. This program costs $25,575 per year (in-state) or $39,048 per year (out-of-state) and they offer scholarships. There are 303 students enrolled in the program and the university has an acceptance rate of 45%. A 3.0 GPA has required as well as a Washington State RN license.
  • Rush University. There are 734 students and an overall university acceptance rate of 37%. The program will cost you $1,050 per credit and they offer financial aid, grants, and scholarships. You need to have a 3.0 GPA.
  • Columbia University. The tuition is $1,874 per credit and they provide funding opportunities. There are 52 students on the program and the university has a 6 percent acceptance rate. There is no minimum GPA requirement and all applications will be considered equally.
  • Ohio State University. This program costs $723 per credit and they offer aid and scholarships. There are 82 students and there is an overall university acceptance rate of 49 percent. You must have a 3.0 GPA.
  • The University of Pittsburgh. This one’s tuition is $850 per credit (in-state) or $988 per credit (out-of-state) and they have financial support available. There are 138 students and the university acceptance rate is 54 percent. You will need a 3.0 GPA.

DNP Capstone Projects Assignments

academic nurse essaysdnp paper or capstone sampleSince the DNP is a doctoral program, it will demand a higher volume of research and writing than other degrees. You have to choose interesting topics, read relevant material and write appropriate content. We’ve been helping DNP students for years, so we know what is needed to create a great DNP paper and get good grades.

Help with my DNP paper: all projects and proposals covering:

  • DNP capstone projects. The DNP capstone is usually the final research project of your degree program. It is used to show what you have learned throughout your degree and to offer original contributions for the future.
  • DNP scholarly project. Other projects are usually about translating evidence into practice. You will usually demonstrate how you can take what you have learned and observed from theory to practice.
  • DNP project proposal. In order to carry out a particular project, you usually have to submit a proposal and have it approved. Your proposal will have to be detailed and persuasive.
  • All other assignments. You may have to complete other DNP project papers depending on your specific program. We can help with all DNP projects and assignments.

Help with My DNP Paper: All Projects and Proposals Covered

pro nurse essays helpWe can help all DNP students with writing, editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, formatting, and research for their papers, including international students. We offer individualized support and guidance for any student who needs help with anything from their BSN personal statement to their DNP assignments. We have a highly educated and experienced team who will take care of everything. We would be happy to help you take your DNP projects to the next level.

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